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Krishna Rathod, Ahmedabad

Thanks so much for the great service! You were so flexible, accommodating, and friendly! The whole process was very..

Bhavani Chavda, Ahmedabad

Excellent job, thank you! I must say your organization, presentation, customer service and communication are all an..

Gopal Raval, Ahmedabad

I placed my first order with on Tuesday, November, 20th and received the order on Wednesday Novem..

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Rs. 25
MTR Roasted Vermicelli is a customary delicacy and is extruded from Hard Wheat Flour and roasted to ..
Rs. 20
MTR Vermicelli's are prepared of wheat semolina. It is healthy, wholesome...
Rs. 42
MTR vermicelli is made up of special wheat semolina process that assures to be non-sticky and does n..
Rs. 75 Rs. 68
MTR vermicelli ultra-thin noodles are finished of wheat semolina. They can be used in so many luscio..
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