Cookies, Rusk & Khari

Cookies, Rusk & Khari


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Krishna Rathod, Ahmedabad

Thanks so much for the great service! You were so flexible, accommodating, and friendly! The whole process was very..

Bhavani Chavda, Ahmedabad

Excellent job, thank you! I must say your organization, presentation, customer service and communication are all an..

Gopal Raval, Ahmedabad

I placed my first order with on Tuesday, November, 20th and received the order on Wednesday Novem..

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Rs. 40
Britannia Toast Bake Suji Biscuits are low in calories, high in nutritional value and good in taste;..
Rs. 10
Make your tea time crunchy and rusky with wonderfully delicious Britannia Premium Bake Rusk. The fla..
Rs. 60
Make your tea time crispy and rusky with amazingly delicious Britannia Premium Bake Rusk. The taste ..
Rs. 30
Parle premium milk rusk with real milk taste. Good with tea and crunchy time..
Rs. 30
Rusk is a hard twice baked bread with the tint of Elaichi. Made from premium ingredients, Parle Rusk..
Rs. 40
Real elaichi premium rusk taste good for tea time and crispy time...
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